27. August 2015
von BöhmKobayashi
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Japanese Lesson

Safe the Date: Dec. 4–6 2015, Filmwerkstatt Düsseldorf.

27. August 2015
von BöhmKobayashi
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Page Impressions

Several editions of »Die Böhm« Fazine will be part of Page Impressions in Mannheim.  Sept 12 – Nov 15, 2015. Artist Talk: Nov  6 2015, 8pm.

25. August 2015
von BöhmKobayashi
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O.i.F./Movie Locations

Düsseldorf newspaper Rheinische Post about Katja Stuke & Oliver Sieber’s exhibition O.i.F. at Künstlerverein Malkasten in Düsseldorf.

24. August 2015
von BöhmKobayashi
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Imaginary Club in Oslo

Sieber_Container_2»Imaginary Club« will be part of the mobile »Photobookmuseum« during Fotobokfestival Oslo»».
We will give an artist talk together: Sun, Sept 13, 3pm. Join us if you are there.

By the way: Together with Gwin Zegal BöhmKobayashi wants to publish a second edition of the »Imaginary Club«. We need at least 250 preorders to make it happen: Please order here»»

22. August 2015
von BöhmKobayashi
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Cité International des Arts

Bildschirmfoto 2015-08-14 um 17.51.19
In September and October 2015 we will be working at the Cité International des Arts, Paris. We are planning some talks and exhibtions in Paris. Stay tuned for more information soon…

27. Juli 2015
von BöhmKobayashi
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国庆节 Nationalfeiertag


The Book 国庆节 Nationalfeiertag by Katja Stuke is now available.
Either at Fw:books  or BöhmKobayashi.

Thanks again for all supporters:
Roland Angst, only photography, Berlin // Artothek im Bonner Kunstverein // Roland Baege, Bochum // Lutz Heinrich Bastian, Mönchengladbach // Janine Blöß, Köln // Thomas Carbone, Tricase // Reinhold & Gerit Christiani, Düsseldorf // Frédérique Destribats, La Varenne // Stephen Gill, Glemmingebro // Hans-Peter-Zimmer Stiftung, Düsseldorf // Ulrike Jägerfeld/Martin Blum, Düsseldorf/Köln // Gabi Kraushaar, Düsseldorf // Peter Koopman, Schildwolde // Gisèle Legionnet/Anton Klees, Düsseldorf // Liane Lübke, Düsseldorf // Dr. Bettina Lockemann, Köln // Patrick Maille, Paris // Thomas Neumann, Düsseldorf // Moritz Neumüller, Barcelona // Sandro Parrotta, Stuttgart // RAUMSECHS, Neuss // Juliane/Ralf Ritter, Köln // Judith Samen, Düsseldorf // Jörg Seifert, Düsseldorf // Damien Sivier, Zürich // Städtische Galerie Iserlohn // T. // Tessel & Roemer, Amstelveen // Caro Vieth, Düsseldorf // Anke Volkmer, Düsseldorf // Markus Weckesser, Essen // Willem van Zoetendaal, Amsterdam // Walter und Cäcilia Zöller, Wetzlar, and some anonymous supporters.

国庆节 Nationalfeiertag is supported by: Kunststiftung NRW. Thank you.

Katja Stuke, 国庆节 Nationalfeiertag
17 × 24 cm / 320 pages
offset-print, Japanese binding, silkscreen on linnen softcover
design by Hans Gremmen
A BöhmKobayashi / Fw:Books Cooperation
EUR 40,–


26. April 2015
von BöhmKobayashi
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Labor für Kritik und Weitsicht

Sweets_Sarajevo2014 Kopie

Krieg und Migration: „You & Me“, ein Projekt zwischen Bosnien, Deutschland und den USA
Katja Stuke und Oliver Sieber im Gespräch mit Sabine Maria Schmidt
Am Mittwoch, 13. Mai 2015 ab 19 Uhr. Weltkunstzimmer, Ronsdorfer Straße 77a, 40233 Düsseldorf.
Im Rahmen der Reihe »Labor für Kritik und Weitsicht«.
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31. März 2015
von BöhmKobayashi
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BöhmKobayashi meet Chim↑Pom


Böhm / Kobayashi(ベーム/コバヤシ)来日記念 カティア・ストゥーケ×オリバー・ジーバー×卯城竜太(Chim↑Pom) 特別トークショー「芸術実行論」
•  ジャンル:人物 トークショー
•  開催期間:2015年4月9日 20:00~22:00
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16. März 2015
von BöhmKobayashi
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国庆节 Nationalfeiertag Special-Editon


Dear Friends, Supporter, Collectors. In October 2011 I started working on my new project »国庆节 Nationalfeiertag«. I travelled to Beijing with Oliver, who wanted to take some portraits of punks for »Imaginary Club«. I myself was quite interested in Tiananmen Square. On the one hand because it’s one of the biggest public squares worldwide and one of the monitored at most. On the other hand I was curious because of it’s historic significance, especially the situation in 1989: the student’s protest in April and May and the massacre on June 4th. We spent some days on Tiananmen Square during as well Chinese National Holiday on Oct. 1st as the following Golden Week and I was able to film some hours of material.

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24. Februar 2015
von BöhmKobayashi
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The You and Me Diary

diary_cover Diary_Detail
We produced a very small edition of this »You and Me Diary«. You can buy it in our shop for € 180,–.
It contains research material, notes, sketches, associations, newspaper-cut-outs. It is part of »You and Me« a project between Bosnia, Germany and the USA, created in 2014 and exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Photograhy in Chicago. It illustrates the journeys to Sarajevo, Tuzla and Zvornik in Bosnia and the road trip from Chicago via Bowling Green, St. Louis, Memphis, Birmingham to St.Petersburg in Florida and explains our work-process during this project. It’s an artist book with 232 pages, 20,6 x 28,1 cm, produced as black/white lasercopy-softcover book produced in an edition of #10 copies.

16. Februar 2015
von BöhmKobayashi
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Photography in all it’s Glory

The IED Madrid and EMAHO Magazine, in collaboration with Guardian Garden Gallery, launch an intensive four-day workshop with Katja Stuke and Oliver Sieberwhich will take place from April 5 to 8 in Tokyo, Japan.

Katja and Oliver, docents of the European Master of Fine Art Photography, will look at very different forms of publications, contemporary positions as well as introduce various ideas of research and visual strategies.

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14. Februar 2015
von BöhmKobayashi
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»Look what we’ve brought you« Ankara

_424x600_bsng_20150221_small bu00F6hm_kobayashi_0002
We talked about photography, publications, exhibitions, ANT!FOTO, BöhmKobayashi, »You and Me«, the ANT!FOTO-Manifesto, »Imaginary Club«, »Nationalfeiertag« and much more in Ankara at Atelier Ka. on Feb. 21, 2015 at 4pm. And we left quite some of our publications there for the library of Atelier Ka. more»»


22. Januar 2015
von BöhmKobayashi
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You and Me III


4_DSF4272 Kopie

»You and Me« at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago will be open for the public from jan 26th to march 22nd 2015. Gallery talk / opening reception: jan. 29th from 4pm / 5pm.

Aleksandar Hemon’s essay on »You and Me«: Not so long ago, in St. Louis, a Bosnian named Zemir Begic was beaten to death for no particular reason by four teenagers wielding hammers. He was thirty-two, came to the US with his family to escape war, and had recently moved to St. Louis, the city with the largest Bosnian population in America — indeed, with some 70,000 people, the largest outside Bosnia and Herzegovina. Zemir was murdered down the road from Ferguson, where intense protests had been taking place, triggered by the grand jury decision not to indict the policeman Darren Wilson for shooting Mike Brown, an unarmed African-American teenager, in what appeared to be cold blood. Weiterlesen →

1. Januar 2015
von BöhmKobayashi
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You and Me II



»You and Me« is the title of  an exhibition at the Museum for Contemporary Photography in Chicago»» where we will show more than 150 photographs, a diary, 2 videos and a brand new artists book of our new, collaborative project. The publications includes 22 chapters, each a single publication with 12 – 24 pages, 5 research/archive publications. In total there will be 336 pages with photographs by both of us and about 60 pages with research material and background information. The bosnian-american writer Aleksandar Hemon wrote a short essay for the exhibition at MoCP wich will open 29 Jan  2015.
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27. September 2014
von BöhmKobayashi
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»Imaginary Club« won the 2014 photobook award

Oliver’s »Imaginary Club« won the 2014 Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Award. We are very happy and very proud.

All 10 shortlisted books are:
The Big Book / W. Eugene Smith
Rich and Poor 
/ Jim Goldberg
Disco Night Sept. 11 / Peter van Agtmael
Marrakech / Daido Moriyama
Photographs for Documents 
/ Vytautas V. Stanionis
Ponte City 
/ Mikhael Subotzky and Patrick Waterhouse
/ Daisuke Yokota
Imaginary Club 
/ Oliver Sieber
The Winners 
/ Rafal Milach
The Arrangement 
/ Ruth van Beek